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Waxing and Tinting


A minimum of 14 days prior to your waxing appointment make sure you have not used any of the following: all home or professional skin peels (including AHA and fruit), microdermabrasion, Retin-A creams or Retinol creams, (or any similar exfoliating treatment). And a minimum of 7 days before your waxing treatment avoid: any spray tans, tanning beds, sunbathing , etc.


We are very picky with our wax selection. This is because the quality of a waxing treatment result is the combination of skill AND wax. For this reason, we choose our wax very carefully. Our brand of wax uses innovative formulations combining the finest natural ingredients in a way that gives our wax an ideal fluidity to provide maximum adherence to the hair, yet minimal adherence to the skin. This is important, especially for sensitive skin types. But we don’t stop there...

Also, taken into account in wax selection is the type of hair to be removed (color and coarseness), skin type, ambient room temperature where the treatment is taking place, the speed of the treatment and the sensitivity levels of both the skin and client. Skilled techniques mixed with quality wax and proper after care is what will give you the best results.


Post care can affect the quality of the waxing job you receive. Avoid exposing the waxed area to sunlight/sunbathing for a minimum of 72 hours after waxing. On the fourth day after a wax, lightly exfoliate the area to prevent any ingrown hairs, wax rashes, bumps or reactions. Do not use any Retin-A or Retinol type products (including home peels) for 7 days on the waxed area.